Alright guys and gals gather ’round and let me tell you the tale of a little known game called Tail Concerto, and trust me I have a lot to tell you.
Tail Concerto is an action-adventure, platformer for the PS1. Released in 1998/99 by Bandi in Japan and France, and by Atlus here in North America, and developed by CyberConnect2. While this games was well receipted by critics is had very poor sales in Japan, and with sales failing there they quickly stopped producing it in all regions. Making this a hard to come by, and expensive game.

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So I was planning for my first real review to be a big Sailor Moon thing but I have a ways to go yet until I get there; I still need to play a few other games in the series, one of which is actually an RPG.

So let’s talk about at title many of you have likely never heard of, or heard of, as I did, through the Game Grumps.

Well, this looks fucking epic.  Let’s pop it in the Retron 2 and see what awesome adventures await!

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Well I tried to jump into Resident Evil 1.5 after getting a download for it, I did burn it to disc and put it in my PS ONE. Thus far I have had mixed results with it, I am not sure if it is the ROM I received, the burn I did or if it is because I tried it on my PS ONE and not my PS 1 or if it just because it is an unfinished game and that’s the nature of the beast. I will investigate more later but here are some screen shots and first impressions. Excuse the crudeness of the pics, we aren’t exactly professional around here

Originally this was supposed to be Resident Evil 2 before the project got scrapped and a new version was done from the ground up


There are 2 playable characters, Leon and Elza Walker who is some kind of motorcycle rider chick and hasn’t been in a RE game since this dumped project


So I chose Elza as I always prefer the female characters in RE because they just seem better to more for a lot of reasons, plus hey it’s a character I have never seen before so of course I would pick her! Here are the first couple screens.


here is the item screen which is actually rather confusing to use and I discovered if you hit the select button at anytime while on this screen it will lock the game up


I made it down a couple halls and blasted a few zombies with a shotgun and sometimes you’ll blow them into two pieces then the upper half will crawl after you and you have to shoot them again! I couldn’t get many shots of the carnage as the bodies disappear very quickly.


and then after blasting another zombie in two, he flew into the wall and the game froze up again


So that’s all I got right now, hopefully with some tinkering I will have more for you guys this week


Well since I am home from work with the fucking plague I thought I would try working with this page which is entirely a new thing for me.

I know many of you out there want to play Super Famicom games but aren’t interested in hacking up a game genie or your Super Nintendo. So what is one to do? You could get a retron 5 but let’s be honest, it is just an emulation machine and doesn’t work perfectly. So you decide “hey I will just buy a Super Famicom!” but then you see the prices…… damn can they be expensive complete. You’ll see that sellers in Japan have them relatively cheap but god damn those shipping charges!! And of course you’ll see USA sellers have cheaper shipping but you’ll still be paying as much if not more because trust me, THEY WILL MAKE THE PRICE ABOUT THE SAME to try to get you to buy from them out of quicker shipping times and convenience, “well the total price comes out the same so I will buy his”

Well this is what you do if you really don’t care if the system is complete or not, if you’re an absolute purist this post isn’t for you and you’ll probably be willing to pay full price anyways. If you’re like me and just want to play the damn games who cares then read on!

Find an incomplete system for sale, really, just find one, no controller, no AV cables and no power supply (obviously ask and make sure it works and get a guarantee that it does and above all, pay with pay pal, you’re protected that way) they are MUCH cheaper!


So you’re next question is “well what good is that?” Simple, any SNES controller will work on it, any SNES/N64/Gamecube AV cables will work on it and those are a dime a dozen

Now the tricky part, the power supply. DO NOT under any circumstances EVER use an SNES power supply on a Super Famicom!!!!!!! It will fry it out and you’ll have a dead system, the SFC takes DC power while the SNES takes AC power. This is why complete systems cost so much, the sellers know this fact and will try to hold it over your head.

Well here comes Bisco to the rescue! The SFC requires 10v DC and a very specific polarity and size of the input. So what is one to do? Go to Nintendo’s 16 bit rival for the solution! A Sega Genesis model 1 power supply or model one Sega cd power supply will work on the SFC! (DO NOT THINK YOU CAN USE A MODEL 2 it is AC and you’ll fry it, you must use a Model 1 and nothing else)

So if you have either of those 2 hanging around you’re set without spending extra money and you’ll have a working system, if you don’t you can easily and relatively cheaply find one if you do a little digging.

Hope this helps out for those who couldn’t find these types of answers as many sites are very vague and a lot of people guard this information like they work for the fucking Pentagon or something.

More good stuff to come so keep a watch out for it!


Okay, okay, let me back up.

Hey guys, it’s Val, and yes, this is the pet project I’ve been working on.  I originally asked Bisco if I could set a page aside for reviews and link to the Facebook; then Bisco got to thinking and decided a review blog would be easier for us to make reviews and for you guys to read them.  We’re not abandoning our Facebook page; far from it.  But this is an easier way to find our how-tos (although those will probably cross over with the FB page a lot) and reviews.

So, without further ado, I’m going to talk about the Wii Shop Channel and how you can still access their goldmine of Virtual Console games.  Follow me beneath the cut to find out how.

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